Flipkart’s New Initiation For Their Employees

Flipkart has propelled a dynamic childcare approach, reflecting a worldwide pattern went for making the work-life parity less demanding for employees who are going to be parents.

In the wake of revealing its new maternity advantage program which qualifies every new mother for get 6 months of paid maternity leave, alongside 4 months of adaptable working hours with full pay, and a year long profession break without pay. The e-business association is stepping in setting a benchmark for all Indian organizations.

The organization has now tied up with four nurseries in the city according to its new Daycare Support Program that will permits their employees to enroll the kids up to 4 years of their age in any of these program and get the benefit of a half endowment on all the expense.

Apart from the maternity arrangements, e-trade major Flipkart is currently likewise offering a remittance of Rs. 50,000 to employees who are adopting child. As according to the new strategy, the organization will permit its female workers to get the same advantages as under maternity leave arrangement, if they will adopt a kid whose age will be under 12 months.

For children matured over a year, the worker can benefit three months paid leave and four months of adaptable working hour. In the event that the representative is thinking of extending their leaves, yet they don’t have enough leaves left, they can take unpaid leave for over to three months and can come back to continue with the same position is guaranteed.

Overall, these strategies are truly going to urge employees to adjust their work-life flawlessly. Flipkart has taken measures to ensure that the greater part of its employees must be satisfied. What’s more, to ensure that it’s users is additionally fulfilled or not, the online shopping entrance dependably have something new astonishing for their customers. Bunches of energizing offers and deals are available for users. Search for any products online and get discount offers on your buy. You might likewise utilize Flipkart coupons to get extra markdown on your purchase.

ShopInSync-One Platform for all Big E-business Portal

ShopInSync is another stage set to draw out an one stop destination for every one of the purchasers. This stage are embracing the 3 fundamental shopping entryways like Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal. In spite of e-commerce’ febrile adoption around the nation, the need for replication of the traditional physical retail experience remains.

Furthermore, that is precisely what ShopInSync is trying to do, it is making the online shopping more like human. The new stage tries to be India’s first comprehensive and joined online shopping experience, giving e-customers an one-stop to search for items recorded crosswise over Amazon, Flipkart and so forth.

While looking into the e-trade market, they found that while price consideration was the most critical thought for a customer, a larger part of purchasing choices in India were affected by the decision of their friends and family. That is the reason ShopInSync make an extension to make a far reaching and connective shopping platform for users.

The customer can likewise rapidly search through suggested products and once the choice has been made, the application will divert to the stage that are offering those products. To empower the discussion part, the application makes an informing or messaging procurement which lets the individual being counseled to see everything, that the essential purchaser is seeing like different costs, specs and comparative suggestions. It’s the best way to make a great deal more through comparing exactly in informative way with the help of modest screen shot.

Well these activity are taken to drive more traffic towards the online entrances. Lets see the contentions between both the huge e-business portal (Flipkart or Amazon) will turn out as helpful result for whom. You might likewise go for the online shopping for different items like fashion outfit, gadgets, home furnishing, accessories, infant toys and so forth on one stage. For making your shopping experience more convenient and under budget, you may utilize the current Flipkart coupons and most latest Amazon coupons for offers, on-going deals.

The Mobile-Centric E-commerce Portal

The different e-business organization has officially made a starting in receiving more up to date and propelled technology to end up as a more easy to use portal and is adapting to take care of demand of the constantly developing mobile phone user base in India.

In any case, not as quick as the Flipkart. It has been said that the organization will be a portable driven organization in the following coming 2 years through selection of more up to date innovations, for example, artificial intelligence(AI) and informal communities or the social network.

As per the organization’s chief product officer, just overwhelming discount on online shopping won’t have the capacity to win customer unwaveringness. To develop the customer base for the long run, they should be more particular in picking the right way. The association is curve towards permitting individuals to join considerably all the more profoundly.

It has been responded in due order regarding an inquiry that e-business entry offer the substantial rebates by utilizing the assets so starting now and into the foreseeable future just those organizations who can offer genuine worth to shoppers will survive.

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Top Offers on Electronics on Flipkart You cannot Afford to Pass!

Over the years Flipkart.com has become synonymous with great offers and an exquisite range of products. While they started off as a website that sourced and sold books, today they offer a variety of items across a range of product categories. If you are looking for electronic items for yourself, here are some of the ongoing deals that they are offering through choicest Flipkart coupons which you simply cannot afford to ignore –

  • Discounts on Storage Devices

If you are looking for pen drives, hard drives and SDDs, Flipkart is offering a whopping 55% discount on a variety of storage devices. At this rate you will never run out of storage space for your images, movies and music files.

  • Discounts on Mobile Accessories

The website is also offering attractive prices as a part of their clearance sale for mobile accessories. Get covers, skins, portable chargers, head phones and more at extremely attractive prices before the month ends on Flipkart! They are also offering some great deals and on coupon code vouchers mobiles as well as accessories only for Flipkart app users.

  • Mobile Phones at INR14999

Visit the website and choose from a number of best selling mobile phones that are currently being sold for only INR14999 on Flipkart.com

Keeping track of these offers and more can be daunting for a consumer. Make sure you regularly check back with some of the leading coupon aggregator websites that list out all the offers that are being currently announced on your favourite online stores. This way you can make sure you find the best deals for all your purchases all year round!

Flipkart’s Bosch Tool Kit Repairs Any Household Problems

From setting up your furniture, to getting some repairs done or even if you want to put up a new wall piece, you no longer have to be dependent on any handyman for such household jobs. Flipkart’s handy kit from Bosch can be your tool guide this season. It comes with an assortment of the most essential tools that can be used for general maintenance, repair or fixing. For all the home improvement enthusiast, this is not a news but an opportunity. Read below and find out the  list of items that this magical tool chest comprises of.

Measuring Tape

A 25 foot tape is required to measure your wall space for a flat screen television or even to measure your window for curtains among many other tasks.


A medium claw hammer comes in handy for general household tasks. Make sure it fits tightly in your hand and it’s handles are made up of fiberglass, steel, graphite and even of wood depending upon its type.


The most used item of a tool kit. Keep screw drivers of variety of sizes and they come with different heads. You can tighten the screws, change the fuse or even open the paint bucket. Don’t electrocute yourself while working on electronic items, hence shut down the power.

Spanners and wrenches

A stainless steel spanner of varied sizes is most useful item. For loosening purpose or tightening of a tap, adjustable wrenches are extremely useful.

Wire Cutters And Pliers

You can have 2-3 different types of pliers as they will be beneficial in doing different jobs. Wire cutters that are an amalgamation of wire strippers and cutters will be sufficient for household works.

Cordless drill

For carpentry jobs like drilling and other tasks, a good quality cordless drill is an essential item for your tool box. It better to have a 12 volts reliable cordless that is powerful and robust as well. The one which is reversible and has variable speed should be your pick.

Utility knife

A knife with some blades is kept in this tool box.

And finally, make an apt place to keep this amazing tool box, as you can easily locate it when you need those tools.