Saving Money on Furniture Shopping with PepperFry


Of the many things that can now be easily bought online, the biggest convenience comes in the form of an online furniture store. offers to its visitors a chance to choose from thousands of amazing designs that help convert their house into a home.

  • Convenience and Cost Benefit

Shopping for furniture for your new home can be such a daunting process when you have to spend days together scouting stores for the perfect dining table set, bedding, seating and more. With not only is your hunt consolidated, but it also comes with a cost benefit.

Upon signing up, users are able to get INR 10,000 worth of vouchers along with access to PepperFry coupons that provided added cost benefit on your furniture purchases. With free shipping and a host of other services that make your entire home shopping endeavour so much more convenient, redecorating your home has never been easier.

  • From Pillow Covers to Patio Sets acts as a one stop shop for all your home furnishing needs. Whether you are looking for something as basic as table mats to large furniture pieces such as beds, cupboards and more, PepperFry is where you need to log on. Choose from host of designs that help come together to create that appealing look that not only impresses your family members but even your guests for years to come.

Pepperfry coupons codes and other regular sales and discounts help users make sure that they are getting the best quality furniture items at the best possible rates.

My Sister’s Passion For Domino’s Pizza

Domino's healthy

I am often left wonderstruck, when I look at the faces of pizza lovers. You can easily spot one, from the crowd of hundreds. The entire experience of seeing a devotee with his priced pizza, is just like watching a slow moving movie scene, every expression is full of emotion. To me it seems as if, their every facial muscle exercises just to get pizza perfect. In my life i have met one most cuckoo pizza admirer of all time. My annoying little baby sister.

Being younger in years, my sister tries her level best to test my patience. She has an inborn talent to bring out reasons to satisfy her pizza cravings. The efforts she puts in to make my dad buy her one, is just like a sales employee deliberately trying to sell you a product that you don’t need. No matter what the occasion is, even if it’s related to someone living three blocks from our house, she wants to go and celebrate in the name of extra cheese pizza. Being a tennager, she is going through a phase where all her hormones are going berserk. But that doesn’t stop her from eating at Dominos. Each time her hormone goes kaboom, she starts singing ‘party my world’ to her Italian invention. For her every mood there’s a pizza.

  •  When she is sad and lonely (when was the last time you stayed alone) – Cheese and Tomato Pizza
  • When she wants to groove like Deepika Padukone ( thank god for marble flooring) – Hawaiian Delight
  • On birthdays (irrespective of whose it is) – Farmhouse
  • When she loses or gains weight (mostly gains) – Mexican green wave (the explanation that comes along with this pizza, is that it has herbs with will provide essential nutrients to her body, as she was never breastfed. This emotional blackmail makes my mom surrender in front of her).
  • When she has scored a rank in her classChicken fiesta which would be accompanied by a Choco Lava Cake and stuffed Garlic Bread.
  • When her BFF doesn’t let her eat from her tiffinVeg extravaganza (I wonder what happens to her tiffin)
  • When I go out for a party, she wants a pizza too for staying at home and being a perfect doll – Chicken dominator which would delight in the presence of Taco Mexicana and her perfect Coke
  • When she got a good beating from mom, the apology pizza (I don’t understand why she gets a pizza for that) – Non Veg Supreme plus Pasta Italiano White, Calzone Pocket and Butterscotch Mousse Cake.

I think there’s no limit to her pizza craze. I fear if she goes for blood donation, then doctors would find mozzarella cheese flowing in her veins. Its actually not possible for anyone to crave for a single food with so much intensity, but my sister is a shining example of the reverse. If it was a person, i bet my parents need not worry about her future husband. There’s no time and space continuum for her pizza love. All she wants to do is go to her nearest Domino’s food place and order that delicious pizza. I strongly believe that Domino’s should announce special pizza day in her name. After all, in her wedding, Domino’s is going to be the main ‘Khansaman’.

Watching her insane desire for this food, my family often orders her fancy pizza through Food panda, where we get amazing offers and coupon codes on Dominos pizza.


When Rain Gods Smiled Upon LimeRoad’s Monsoon Looks

It was a rainy day when, i made a paper boat.

Wow! It went floating, but slowly started dripping

I made another lovely boat, when my father came wearing a raincoat!

He told me to get inside, as I was fully drenched.

Though my red dress was dirty, i enjoyed myself being naughty.

The breeze and rain made me cool, when I placed the boat on the roadside pool.

This simple but enticing poem highlights how we should let rain charge in our dusty hearts and let the drops settle it. Mystifying rains have often waggled the little kid nesting within us. We complain about it blighting our summer because we are sublimating our passion.Think about it. We keep devising situations to encounter the rain, to talk about it, get ourselves wet in it, to affect disdain for it. Why not let our fashionable souls get soaked in this july rains.Thanks to LimeRoad, this monsoon we can boldly enjoy the season to its core! Limeroad gave phenomenal torrential rain looks which explore a woman’s femininity.


  •  Wake Up & Wear Black

Nothing says i am ravenly robust than a sensuous black dress on a rainy day. Every woman dreams to have a dress that flirtatiously speaks volumes about her. LimeRoad’s this intense cotton black dress fits your body perfectly due to its stretchable properties and complements your curves conjointly. A desired party dress when accessorized  with neck tight antique flower cluster necklace makes you an envy of every other woman. Are you embarrassed about your short height or is your guy too tall for you? Don’t have time to paint your gorgeous foot nails? Need not worry,  this closed round toe stiletto with floral motifs solves all your problems. Animal prints are always considered eternal fashion statement, the animal box clutch adds a glamour quotient to your party look.

  •  Keep Looking Up, There May Be A Rainbow Waiting For You

It has always been difficult to buy a morning dress for monsoon. We often end up wearing shades of greys and turn all gloomy. Why not become an inspiring rainbow by wearing this white and red lace dress and embrace that little girl within. Pair it up with metallic yellow and gold necklace, as if personally customized by a greek goddess. Can’t resist the temptation of jumping in the stagnant road water,no issues! Step into this creamed thin flat sandals and you are just like a cherry on the top of a vanilla ice-cream.

  •  I Like People Who Smile, When It’s Raining

Monsoon might be blamed for wet roads and huge traffic jams. You can’t rob him from his credit of providing delightful  casual coffee dates and sunday brunches. Blush up your look with pretty pink printed tops with ruffled necks and tight black shorts that give a sporty casual look. This makes you voguish and render a girly disposition to your outlook. Aren’t you all tired of carrying that hanging purse that’s always a shoulder killer? Quit it.Put your things in this  white and pink  back pack. You don’t always have to be miss perfect, it’s sometimes okay to hold on to that tom boy that you always were. Accessorize yourself with these funky plastic blue beads charm bracelet that keeps your good luck intact.

Many of us love to hate rains, but they can’t deny the romanticism hitched upon it. We just don’t dare to admit it. We don’t have to actually. Just pick any of these LimeRoad looks and let that chivalrous within you groove in this rain. LimeRoad is India’s first online store that offers elegant and customised looks via the scrapbook tool which is avant-garde and user-friendly. LimeRoad stocks up its collections with lucrative discounts and offers. To take the advantage of LimeRoad’s wealthy offers and deals, visit FreeKaaMaal-the leading bargain hunting website.

Paytm Impulses RBI For Upsurge Cash Limit In Our Mobile Wallets

On the grounds of providing accessibility for customers to pay their mobile bills and movie tickets, Paytm was rippled by Noida Headquarter One97 in year 2009. It has been a successful platform for transaction of around 700 crore rupees every month by 85 million mobile wallet users.This renowned mobile wallet provider has asked Reserve Bank of India to raise the the customer mobile wallet limit from 10K to 25k.

Perks Of Being A Paytm Enjoyer

  • Paytm is the perfect arch for users to moderate its special features and provides the customer with numerous benefits.
  • You get fantastic offers that provide incredible cash back and superfast Paytm cash through its mobile wallet.
  • You can enjoy wealthy recharges, bill payments, shopping and also enjoy the benefits of the exclusive offers from its partners like BookMyShow, Foodpanda, MakeMyTrip etc.

Induction Behind The Rise In Mobile Wallet limit

According to current RBI norm, a very less KYC ( know Your Customer) i.e the mobile number and an e-mail id verification of  a customer is sufficient to hold 10,000 in a mobile wallet. But for a higher cash money, a full KYC is required, same as the time of opening a bank account.

  • In several metropolitan hubs, the average patron’s cost of living and mobile penetration has exceeded 10K. Therefore, they need more cash in their wallets.
  • Due to which Paytm officials believe that it could exceed to 25K, which might make its volume of transactions to overtake all POS transactions put together by the end of this year.

Hike In Wallet Limit Leads User Benefit

  • With the increase in wallet limit, the patrons can conveniently purchase large number of goods and online – offline services with ease.
  • There’s no dire need to carry huge amount of cash, as the security features that these mobile wallets provide make the regular payments such as taxi fares easy.

Other rivals such as MobiKvik and Oxigen have also supported this cause. But to their disadvantage, banks like HDFC who also provide mobile wallets and have a full KYC of their consumers. Hence, they are no longer obstructed by this limit, as these mobile wallet providers. This pocket limit might prohibit Paytm’s dream  to have half a billion Indians on the its platform before 2020 and be the country’s largest consumer facing platform.

Explore the Fashion Garage at Fashion and You


Fashion and You is the new destination for online shoppers who can locate apparel for men, women and kids at the site. Showcasing an extending range of styles that are comfortable as well as durable, the e-retailer welcomes customers looking to dress up in chic outfits. Whether you are a bride-to-be, or just someone looking to fulfill your quota of seasonal shopping, the site won’t disappoint. Take at look at what the company’s special on-site fashion garage has to offer you this season.

Select Offerings To Look Forward To

You can find Mayah’s glamorous gowns, ethnic party wear from Jinaam, sarees that are embellished & sequined along with ethnic Roemily house suits that exude a northern charm. These are a must for regular wear as you often need some razzmatazz in daily life. Shopping enthusiasts will adore the Punjabi suits & Kurtis, especially the Kasavu sarees from the lanes of Kerala that look great with the Portia heels & flats.

Browse Through The Fashion Garage

This is an excellent place to source nightwear from when the sun sets, as well as apparel from top brands like FCUK, Fun In the Sun and Sunny Styles Up. You can utilize the Fashion and You discount coupons for that little something extra that lets you seize a further concession on your order.

Since this website stocks every kind of apparel from nightwear to designer sarees, you can afford to make it your final destination when on the quest for seeking something special to wear all year round.

Ordering Food The Foodpanda Way


Are you hungry and don’t want to cook or bored by eating your daily home food? How about order a Chinese dish or a Punjabi thali or a south Indian Dosa, you can order all these and many more other dishes by just pressing your mouse buttons as Foodpanda provides you to browse or looking an overview to all the restaurants and other eatery places nearby to your locality and helps to order the delicious food online from your favourite cuisine.

Foodpanda is a German online food ordering website established in 2012 by Ralf Wenzel and Ben Bauer. In the same year Foodpanda launched its services in India as well. At present Foodpanda is working with more than 4000 restaurants and pizza parlours across 30 major cities in India also this food provider is currently operated in Malaysia, Thailand, Columbia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and many other regions of Asia and other parts of world.

Foodpanda has changed the way of searching restaurants and other food eateries completely in India, it gather up all the restaurants located in your nearby places, so that you don’t have to go farther to eat or to ordering your favourite dish for home delivery. Offering various discounts and coupons to every food item and giving the fast delivery, low price are some of the USP’s of Foodpanda which make him the most clickable online food provider. Not only this, you can also get gift vouchers applicable to many eateries like subway, pizza hut, Dominos, KFC and many other stores, get free movie tickets, sometimes free food and many other exciting offers while ordering food from Foodpanda.

With the acquisition of Justeat and, in early 2015, Foodpanda expand its business more in India and after seeing the various offers and discount coupons offered by this food provider time to time clearly shows that Foodpanda has a bright future in Indian market.


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Ambrane 10400 mAh Power Bank at Rs.499 only

Does your mobile discharge very early?? You were not able to use your mobile when you needed it most. If you ever face these type of problems, then surely you need a power bank. Power banks not only help to keep your electronic devices charged while you are on the move but also due to their compact design they also are very easy to carry. With these power banks, you can play games, browse web, click pictures, can chat non-stop and do a lot more without any battery worries.

As these days, when smartphones are taken over the market completely, the necessity of power bank will also increase very much, keeping this in mind many Indian and international brands like Croma, Xiomi, Samsung, Sony, Intex, etc. are launching their power banks in Indian market.

Ambrane power bank is one of the Indian brands which give a hard competition to other foreign power bank manufacturer. Ambrane, situated in New Delhi is a well-known brand in India. It is paramount in making Computer Peripherals, Tablets, Mobility Devices and power banks.

Ambrane 10400 mah power bank is the one unique product developed by Ambrane. It can charge your mobile multiple times once fully charged. It can also easily charge tablets, digital cameras, MP3 players and many other electronic gadgets. It has ABS shell casing which gives this power bank an elegant look. This product is just 260 grams in weight which makes it highly portable. Now stay connected always with your loved ones with this power bank and forgets all the worries regarding the charging problem of your phone or tablet.

You can get this Ambrane 10400 mah power bank which costs Rs.3199 at Rs.499 only, which is the lowest ever amount.

If you want some more exciting offers, click here.

*You can compare the price of this product at various e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal etc.