Why Should You Use Coupons?


Are you new to the world of couponing? If you are wondering why one has to go through the process of clipping coupon codes and if they are really worthwhile, then this write-up is just for you. Read on to find out four compelling reasons why you must start using the discount codes.

Savings are increased by many folds

The most understated tag about coupons is that they are a money saver. Save money with these discount vouchers for almost every product or service starting from grocery to jewellery. Clipping the right codes and using them appropriately yields great benefits.

Coupons save you from impulse purchases

When you have a discount voucher, you are more careful about using it. There is a least chance that someone would waste great Pepperfry coupon codes for a piece of furniture that they would hardly use. Thus you save yourself from spending money on unplanned and unwanted purchases.

Coupons give you an opportunity to explore

Many people seem so satisfied with the value proposition of their favourite brands and fail to look beyond. In such cases they might actually be missing out on products and services that better cater to their needs. Discount offers from various retailers and brands are a good chance to experiment new products.

Easy to print and use

Browsing through the internet for relevant vouchers and printing them out when needed is much more productive than collecting random promo codes that come with newspapers and pamphlets and saving them up for a longer time.

Paytm – The New Player Of Ecommerce

PayTMPaytm – Pay Through Mobile, is a new player to ecommerce industry but it plays like an experienced one. Founded in the year 2010 in Noida by Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma as only a recharge website now offers a full marketplace to consumers by offering multiple items ranging from electronic goods to clothes, home appliances to latest gadgets and many more. Today it has become a prime competitor to many major e-commerce companies in India like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

Paytm initially worked as B2B website but later it made itself open for B2C as well, by launching their website called Paytmonline.com which later get converted to Paytm.com

Paytm became one of the largest digital commerce company in India having more than 80 million registered users and more than 60 million orders of various goods every month and 3 lakh transactions on a daily basis. At present, the company is doing $1 billion Gross Merchandise Value which indicates total sales sold through a particular marketplace over a certain period of time. The company also provides various promotional offers and discounts via coupon codes and vouchers to attract a large customer base. Users can make big savings on their shopping with Paytm coupons and discounts.

Last year, Vijay Shekhar launched Paytm wallet which now becomes country’s largest payment mode for doing transactions with over 40 million RBI approved prepaid wallets. Many shopping and travel sites in India are using this mode of payment like Pantaloons, Lenskart, Subway, Uber, Radisson hotel and recently Paytm also make a pact with Indian Railways, which offers customers to use Paytm wallet for ticket booking while doing transactions with IRCTC. No doubt this step will play a very important role in Paytm’s growth in the coming time.

Paytm is funded by many major companies of India and world in very short time frame. Alibaba, the Chinese billionaire invested $575 million, after this in the same month Ratan Tata invested a huge amount in Paytm. No one knows what comes next, what will happen to Paytm in future but as seen by the strategies and funding of Paytm, it is clear that this company has come to win the race and will not stop easily.