Delicious New Items In Domino’s Menu

Domino’s leads India’s pizza chain market with an about 72% share. India, after the US, is the biggest business sector for this Pizza Fod Chain.

To charm Indian tradition­alists, and the monetary allowance cognizant eater, the chain burned through eight months exam­ining every­thing from flour to garnishes, to lower costs. The Domino’s India menu is different, to speak to the nation’s numerous tastes. For motivation, its culinary specialists (right) go on normal food tracking through various marketplace and search for something unique to modify in their menus.

Remembering that and taking after the accomplishment of its all veggie lover menu, the biggest food chain has included another delicious item in menu i.e., Double Cheese Crunched Pizza and Custard Bliss Dessert at moderate cost.

The Crunched pizza are estimated at Rs. 100 for the medium size pizza, this new outside has two crunchy slight crust with a layer of rich cheese filled between them. Also, the Custard Bliss treat will cost just Rs. 45. They are planning to include all the more new items in their menu things till next 12 months.

Along with the mouth watery menu, Dominos has additionally make it ease for their users to order their pizza with one catch just. The simplest method for requesting pizza through simply pressing a button, which is the magnetic one. The buttons are matched with application to give every one of the detail elements of your order. The primary physical button is going to be first started in the U.K. in December. When it come in India, it truly going to be simple for each pizza lover to place their request in the most ideal way.

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Quick and Easy Snacks and Sweets

Any celebration is the means of recollecting the memory in family, thrive and cherish them with adoration. In the Whole delight in the merry season, everybody needs to have best nourishment as according to the occasion. Different and special dinners are customarily cooked on festive days of the celebration as per their region and culture.

As we all know, after Diwali, Guru Parab is really around the bend. On the off chance that you don’t have left with a lot of time in preparing for sweet and snacks for your family or guest. No compelling reason to stress, here are some simple and fast sweet dishes which you can prepare and can make your sweet in the least possible time.

  1. Gulab Jamun: You can set it up with the assistance of already arranged milk powder effectively accessible in market. Place some khoya inside to make it more scrumptious.
  2. Malpua: The least demanding sweet dish of fricasseed soft hotcakes dunked in sugar syrup and presented with rabdi or milk.
  3. Coconut Ladoo or Barfi: Crush the coconut absolutely and blended it with milk or include some dry products and khoya in it. A brilliant and wonderful sweet is prepared to serve.
  4. Kheer: A well-known dish of north Indian, simple to cook with milk and basmati rice. Add dry natural products to make it more delicious.
  5. Custard: Prepare some fresh fruit custard for your visitor and give them a solid and crisp welcome.

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Get A Cookie Mashed On A Brownie

Domino’s Pizza is the perceived world pioneer in pizza delivery, with a critical business in carryout pizza. It positions among the world’s top open eatery brands with a worldwide venture.

It’s not just about pizza, Dominos has included one more thing on their menu list. Domino’s Pizza has presented another, warm treat that is a mix of chocolate piece treats and fudge brownies. Yummy for sure!

Actually, the Marbled Cookie Brownie is the company’s first treat presentation since the Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake in 2009. The propelled treat brownie is around 7 1/2 creeps square and is prepared to order, cut into nine pieces for sharing and served in a cardboard pizza-style box.

Dominos has depicted it as “overpoweringly warm and gooey,” offering “warm drain chocolate lumps and fudge brownie in each bite.” The customer having local delivery can easily enjoy the delicate, warm, fragrant, chocolaty rich Brownies. It will certainly remind you about the simply heated treats served warm in a few eateries and hotels.

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Harneet Singh Rajpal Of Domino’s India Joins Zopper

Harneet Singh Rajpal, has joined the as Chief Business Officer. Previously Rajpal was working with Domino’s India as Senior Vice President and Head, Marketing, New Product Development, E-commerce and PR. He had played a key role in creating Dominos as a brand in India.

Zopper is a player in the hyperlocal mobile marketplace that has its operations in over 30 cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Noida and Ahmedabad.

Earlier, Rajpal has also worked with TVS Motors as Brand Manager where he was looking after Economy Segment 2 wheeler market. The brand “TVS Star” was also launched by him.

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Domino’s: The Great Place For Italian Pizzas And Meals

Domino’s is the hub of mouthwatering Italian cuisine. This renowned pizza place has relished in the guardianship of millions of people across the world. The quality and variety of pastas and pizzas that they serve is remarkable. Due to their contribution, Pizza has now become a popular choice of fast food among the masses.

This Italian restaurant serves a different forms of contemporary pizzas that have evolved in many ways. But what has not changed is its 100% pure taste of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. The basic concept of putting vegetables and meat toppings was originally introduced by the Americans, but it is now widely accepted throughout the globe.


Domino’s has even introduced variety of desserts as well as Italian pastas to its pantry.  The ethnic sausages that are served along with pastas have a tantalizing taste that wriggles millions of taste buds. Their pastas are baked to perfection, that retains nutritional value and gives amazing taste. They even offer flexibility to their patrons to build their own new pasta in a bowl. A consumer has a liberty to choose from two different pasta sauces in non veg and veg category. You can pick your own unique pasta flavour that you want to enjoy.


With the aim to cater to different people, Domino’s gives variety of breads along with its other Italian meals. There are many options available from the assortment of stuffed garlic bread, plain garlic bread and spicy twisty garlic bread. Along with all these, comes numerous combinations of cheese dips.

Desserts & Beverages

The dessert choices that Domino’s offer are great to dive in. Every family can taste a great choco lava cake or anything according to their desire. To compliment the taste of their pizzas, several beverages are also offered.

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My Sister’s Passion For Domino’s Pizza

Domino's healthy

I am often left wonderstruck, when I look at the faces of pizza lovers. You can easily spot one, from the crowd of hundreds. The entire experience of seeing a devotee with his priced pizza, is just like watching a slow moving movie scene, every expression is full of emotion. To me it seems as if, their every facial muscle exercises just to get pizza perfect. In my life i have met one most cuckoo pizza admirer of all time. My annoying little baby sister.

Being younger in years, my sister tries her level best to test my patience. She has an inborn talent to bring out reasons to satisfy her pizza cravings. The efforts she puts in to make my dad buy her one, is just like a sales employee deliberately trying to sell you a product that you don’t need. No matter what the occasion is, even if it’s related to someone living three blocks from our house, she wants to go and celebrate in the name of extra cheese pizza. Being a tennager, she is going through a phase where all her hormones are going berserk. But that doesn’t stop her from eating at Dominos. Each time her hormone goes kaboom, she starts singing ‘party my world’ to her Italian invention. For her every mood there’s a pizza.

  •  When she is sad and lonely (when was the last time you stayed alone) – Cheese and Tomato Pizza
  • When she wants to groove like Deepika Padukone ( thank god for marble flooring) – Hawaiian Delight
  • On birthdays (irrespective of whose it is) – Farmhouse
  • When she loses or gains weight (mostly gains) – Mexican green wave (the explanation that comes along with this pizza, is that it has herbs with will provide essential nutrients to her body, as she was never breastfed. This emotional blackmail makes my mom surrender in front of her).
  • When she has scored a rank in her classChicken fiesta which would be accompanied by a Choco Lava Cake and stuffed Garlic Bread.
  • When her BFF doesn’t let her eat from her tiffinVeg extravaganza (I wonder what happens to her tiffin)
  • When I go out for a party, she wants a pizza too for staying at home and being a perfect doll – Chicken dominator which would delight in the presence of Taco Mexicana and her perfect Coke
  • When she got a good beating from mom, the apology pizza (I don’t understand why she gets a pizza for that) – Non Veg Supreme plus Pasta Italiano White, Calzone Pocket and Butterscotch Mousse Cake.

I think there’s no limit to her pizza craze. I fear if she goes for blood donation, then doctors would find mozzarella cheese flowing in her veins. Its actually not possible for anyone to crave for a single food with so much intensity, but my sister is a shining example of the reverse. If it was a person, i bet my parents need not worry about her future husband. There’s no time and space continuum for her pizza love. All she wants to do is go to her nearest Domino’s food place and order that delicious pizza. I strongly believe that Domino’s should announce special pizza day in her name. After all, in her wedding, Domino’s is going to be the main ‘Khansaman’.

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